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Welcome to the SPD Company

The SPD Company Pty Ltd has expertise with over 30 years consulting and management experience in pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology, agrochemical and chemical industries.

Our vision is to help companies who operate in highly technical and regulated industries, by offering clear solutions to complex problems.

Our motto, from confusion to clarity underpins everything we strive to do in our consulting and training services.

The company has retained its small size to provide personalised service and works with a network of service providers and associates to provide the range of skills required for the multidisciplinary areas.


The SPD Company has successfully completed a wide range of projects within pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology, agrochemical and chemical industries, including:

New Product Development and Product Development Systems Optimisation.

Regulatory Affairs - assisting a number of companies to negotiate the minefield of guidelines, regulations and rules within the TGA, FDA and in Europe during the product approval process.

Manufacturing Operations - helping companies ensure their suppliers meet GMP-license requirements.

Supply Chain Logistics - providing guidance in all aspects of getting products from suppliers to customers.

QA - assisting companies to prepare for audits, as well as providing support during audits.

Litigation - supporting legal resources undertake and/or defend legal actions.

Due Diligence - providing technical advice for the potential purchase of product ranges, manufacturing sites and companies, both in Australia and overseas.

The SPD Company’s clients include a number of local and global pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies.

Dr Clive Darryl Simon is the principal of the SPD Company
and personally oversees every project the company is involved in.